Dillinger "Dilly" has been with my family for 9yrs now. He has made an amazing edition to the barn. Everyone that meets him loves him. He came as a skinny neglected four year. He spent his first few years in a pasture with a bunch of other horses that were left without proper care, food and absolutely no handling until they were seized and placed in homes. He came home halter broke but terrified of people. He would stand with his head in the back corner of his stall and cower. He slowly gained trust in my family and became more social. You would never know today that he came as such a terrified youngster. He is dead quiet anyone can ride him. Nothing bother him. He's been out to parks, group rides, and is very traffic safe. He is favorite at the barn and is an incredibly outgoing guy now. He only stands 15hh but definitely has a big horse complex he thinks he's larger than life. He is a horse that was meant to be here. He has a forever home here with my family, there's no way this horse is ever going anywhere.    

The Skinny, shy, little 4yr old that came home to us 

Getting some lovin'

on a trial ride 

One of his very first rides 

Taking a nap

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