Snickers was born and raised here on the farm. She is out of a NSH rescue mare and by a paint stud. We got the mare not knowing she was bred, after a few weeks of training on the mare we had the vet out to go over her completely and found out she was a month pregnant with Snickers! She was certainly and unplanned blessing, the best gift I have ever gotten. I couldn't ask for a better horse. She's been mommy's little girl since the day she was born. She's my little sweetheart. Her name is Snickers but it's not uncommon to hear be called anything but that, things like little one, baby girl, bear, and even boo boo. For her first birthday she got the whole sha-bang, a hat a cake even with a number one candle in it. She loved her home made carrot cake.  Her yearling year it wasn't uncommon to see me hand walking my yearling down the road like a dog. It was almost a daily ritual. Boy did I ever get odd looks walking my filly down the road like that. but I didn't really mind when it was time to ride her she was probably the most traffic safe youngster anyone could hope to meet.  She's been handled extensively since birth and is a very quiet well mannered sociable horse. She only stands at about 14.3hh but she has a lot drive and a lot of heart and will try her heart out for you. She was lightly started under-saddle as a 3yr old. She was taken to parks for trail rides was rode ridden and just over all enjoyed. and had most of the winter off in 2011. This summer she has worked mostly on canter work and is progressing very well. She's 4yrs old this year and I look forward to many more years with her she's my forever horse. I truly think that she is my soul horse.


Snickers as a newborn 

Snickers as a newborn

The adorable face I fell in love with 

One of our many walks, fascinated by the road sign  

Her first Birthday 

One of our training sessions working on desensitizing 

Just fooling around with my baby 

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