Mercedes "Mercy" came into our family very unexpectedly. We weren't looking for a horse or even wanting another horse. We were helping a friend look for a hose and she was advertised as a quiet safe kids horse. So we all went to go see her and see if she could possibly be a match for our friend when we got there we weren't expecting what we got. Most of the horses were towards the thinner side and there were quite a few of them. Mercy was being kept in an indoor riding ring. The guy went to show us her and he tried to catch her and didn't want any part of it. He finally caught her and had a lot of difficulty saddling her up. She was very fidgety and nervous. Poor girl finished every time he touched her. She wasn't the beginner safe horse he had advertised she was a terrified little girl. Our friends didn't want her she was not what they had been looking for. My mom couldn't leave her there she was sacred and had obviously been hurt. The guy that was selling even asked if we didn't want her if we knew any slaughterhouses that would take her. He said he didn't like her and just wanted her gone. Later that day we brought a trailer and picked up our new Morab mare. When we got her home it took a while to get her of the trailer because she wouldn't let anyone near her head. We started finding out the extent or her behavior problems. Mercy was so head shy that she would smash her face off of the walls to try to keep anyone from touching her head. She flinched at every touch. The first night she refused to come out of the back corner of her stall even for hay or grain. She was terrified.

Mercy's been with us for 2yrs now and the transformation she's made is incredible. She has won the heart of a 10yr old boy. She loves him and he adores her. They work together and have been teaching each other all the way through. She is still head shy in certain situations but nothing near like she was before. She's been ridden out at parks and trail rides is traffic safe and barely ever spooks. Sometimes she an be sill be difficult to catch but 9 out of 10 times when she's called she comes running. She has quite a lot of talent she is an amazing jumper and has beautiful movement. She has an incredibly sweet personality she would never hurt anybody. There is not a mean bone in her body. She learns quickly and has a huge heart and now has a little boy that loves her and is completely and totally dedicated to her.          

Her ten year old best friend

Waz that mom?!

Busy being adorable

 Out for a ride

 Getting some love after lunging

Lovin' on her 

taking a nap with the other horses 

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