Hayley as you can see is very big! But she's only 18months old standing at 16.2hh she's just short of being a monster. She is an absolutely stunning Percheron filly. We expect her to mature to 18hh plus. We got her when she was just over 3 months old. Hayley is probably one of the most  we behaved foals you could hope to be around she has an incredibly quiet personality. Everyone that meets her falls in love. She unfortunately has had one road block that she is still recovering from that currently keeps her from starting any sort of ground training. When she was 9 month old she broke her pelvis. We aren't really sure how. She spent 6 months on stall rest and was finally cleared to go back outside the beginning of June this year. She was so happy and so were all of us. She's made leaps and bounds in her healing process and is 100% sound at this time. We are still watching and waiting to see how she does in the future. She may be cleared to satrt work this coming fall!!

The picture that made me fall in love 

Making friends with our dog 

playing in the water 

Her first day home 

5 months old and huge!! 

Her first birthday 

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