Shiloh has been with us just short of 3yrs now and his transformation is amazing. He is a 9yr old arab X gelding, with a heart of gold. He came to us completely unhandled and untrained. For the first 5 or so years of his life he was left in a 10x10 stall not to see the light of day and just barely fed enough to keep him alive. Somebody fortunately came to Shiloh's aide and rescued him. that who we got him from his rescuer. He was looking to find Shiloh a home because he was inexperienced didn't know how to handle his behavioral problems. But he was good to Shy fed him loved him and took amazing care of him. To get him home we had to lock him in a small enclosure and sedate him to get him on the trailer. It was a long ride home nearly 4hours.. He did relatively well though. His first night home was the roughest. It took over 3hours to just get him in his stall the first night. He wanted nothing to do with me. When our adventure first started the only place I could touch on him was his shoulder. if I touched anywhere else he'd either bolt or start flipping out. We very slowly worked on touching everywhere and soon he was loving his belly rubs at night. And form there everything started going better he started trusting and not being scared. His attitude turned around and he wanted to be near people. Wanted his attention and love.

Now he is doing fantastic he was just started under saddle this summer and has a solid w/t/c. He is a very sweet boy that will give you his all. He wants to behave and please. He is now a relatively quiet and very level headed ride. I look forward to all his progress in the future. We're not really sure what avenue we 'd like to per-sue with him yet, but look forward to the many years to come with our beautiful boy.  

One of his first rides with his mommy 

Playing with a bag after being desensitized 

Playing around with him, put socks on his ears

Getting his trot on 

making one is his many faces 

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